Monday, March 17, 2014

Springtime in casual leopard chic

Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you. Our little girl has had a rough month - surgery, though relatively minor as it was, was a harrowing experience for newbie parents like us. No one wants to have their child go through an operation and the ordeal that that entails, especially the genereal anesthesia and the subsequent pain. But my little peanut is a tough cookie and she made it through with flying colors. So we have done our best to spoil her in every way - amusement parks, new books, new toys, the zoo and new kicks of course (wouldn't be my kid without a new clothes!)

When I started the blog, I thought I would be able to write more about motherhood, but quickly realized that 99.9% of my time and energy is spent parenting and I had little energy to expend upon the subject beyond that. Thus style, design, decor, and travel remain the essence of this blog - and will continue to be my personal form of escapism.

Much to my disbelief, April is around the corner, which means no more heavy coats and boots! Temperatures soared last week, causing a mass meltdown of previously waist high snow (you can see how high in my Russian Dolls post). Spring has a way of breathing new life into everything and I'm ready to finish tackling a few projects - personal and business. The most important personal priority being working on our long term residence in France. We're a couple steps closer and I will be sharing our process so far. I recently discovered a wonderful lifestyle blog at Design Mom, whose family lived in France for a couple of years, and it has become a major inspiration for me to start our own expat adventure. 

Cheers! xoxo

Coat : Shop Ruche / Pants: Mango / Leopard sweater: ASOS / V heels : Emerson Fry

Friday, February 28, 2014

Icecapades - Diva on Ice

Although I'd grown up here, I'd never actually been on an iced over lake so ironically decided to try it out for the first time when the weather warmed up to the 40s. Rest assured, the ice is a couple feet deep, but my hubz, a Floridian native, wasn't willing to risk walking too far in. Neither was I really, not in these heels.

 Vintage faux fur coat / distressed jeans : ASOS / cami top: ASOS / burgundy heels: Emerson Fry 


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Staying cool in leopard and stripes

There was a heat wave this week meaning it was the first time my feet felt the sun since, oh, October. Hubz and I visited the Guthrie theater in downtown Mpls - some cool scenes and great architecture. It was nice to get out after a week of feeling under the weather.

This Emerson Fry leopard coat was a prize possession from last year and it was finally warm enough to wear it, along with a pussybow collar top and distressed jeans. I love the boyfriend look - it's perfect for day to day wear and a proper replacement for my morning-into-night pajama look that I've been rocking this winter and it hides those extra winter pounds - oof!


Leopard Coat Emerson Fry / Distressed jeans ASOS / Driving Gloves Carolina Amato / Patent stilettos Emerson Fry / Boston bag Calvin Klein

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day... into night

I was hoping to get a shoot in this week for Valentine's looks but seeing as it's the day before, not gonna happen. As they say, c'est la vie! Nevertheless I wanted to share my outfit for Valentine's day and just  maybe I will be able to do a quick shoot to share tomorrow. Although hubz and I don't necessarily make any special plans for the day, we might try to take a break and find a place for a drink or two. Hope everyone has wonderful holiday and weekend!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Style Inspiration - Russian Dolls Part III of III

Looking back on this series of photos, it really does look quite spectacular. Funny how in the moment though I was cursing bloody murder during each shot, as the wind bit into the very depths of my living flesh. By the time we did these shots, it was remarkably COLD and I was just not having it anymore. 

Oh the things we do for love (of fashion)....



Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Style Inspiration - Russian Dolls: Part II of III

Someone commented on this snowy scene as "gorgeous" and I was taken aback because it's such an everyday scene here, that I've forgotten to take a step back and appreciate the intrinsic beauty of a snowy landscape. Of course, one can easily forget when it's been subzero for two months. Luckily, (or not so luckily) on this day it was 9 F. I looked at the snow and told my husband "I'm going in". You can't see my steps but I walked a good couple of yards in the snow  and surprisingly, my legs were quite warm. It's a good thing these boots are faux suede - they come in handy when you have to be knee deep in snow.

The instant I saw this ASOS dress, I knew I would love it. As my sister said, it's one of those things that look ugly on the hanger, but fabulous on. The bright blue color with folksy embroidery is so unique - not something you'd find everyday. Paired with my faux fur coat, a cossack hat and voila - Russian dolls.

Local temperature:
Minneapolis: 9 F
St. Petersburg: 19F

Stay tuned for the last Russian doll look this week. Until then... Cheers!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Style Inspiration - Russian Dolls: Part I of III

This winter has been the longest, coldest, most unbearable winter I have ever had in my life. Nevertheless, this year I vowed to think more positively and to find inspiration even in the seemingly saddest of places. 

My husband and I only have one free day a week (if ever), and with the temps being subzero for most of the winter, it was a galling task forcing ourselves to go outside. The first day we tried to take these shots, it was 0 degrees (-20 windchill) so of course we thought, "not so bad, lets do it!". Shockingly, it was so cold, the lens froze up. Yes, even the camera gave up.

My inspiration for this series of looks is borrowed from Mother Russia. A little bit of folkloric texture, a faux mink fur stole, and lots of gold chain jewelry for modern touch... all the while looking as glam as possible in freezing weather.

Current local temperatures:

Minneapolis: -8 F
Siberia: -26 F

Minneapolis wins!

Please visit again later this week for Part II and III of my Russian inspired looks.


Wool newsboy Cap: H&M / Crop top: ASOS / Gold embroidered skirt: ASOS / vintage faux mink stole / Earrings ASOS / Over the knee boots ASOS

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mellow Yellow

Before, during, and after the holidays, I managed to take advantage of quite a few online sales as well as scored some majorly fabulous vintage items. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snow queen

I grew up in Minnesota, yet some people are surprised to learn that of all the seasons, winter is my least favorite. In fact, I mostly hate it.  Never in a million years did I think I would be living here again. Alas, here we are, on our last stepping stone before becoming permanent expats. To begin the new year on a fresh start, and hopefully the next new phase in my life (and our lives), I have resolved to think more positively about life in general. In that sense, I can hold onto our last days here with a sentimental grasp - savoring every experience here as our last.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Holidays

Yet again, December was another whirlwind of a month. It was fleeting - my sis visited from Scotland, it was my birthday, and Christmas and all that entails. Our Charlie Brown tree turned out gorgeous - 500 string lights and a box of  ornaments later. This was our baby girl's first Christmas - technically its the second but last year she was only a couple months old and we flew out to NC to visit her grandparents. So it was special, to start our own traditions. The past month was also the beginning of this winter's deep freeze - the coldest one we've had yet - making it nearly impossible and mostly unbearable to be outside. As the new year approaches, I'm looking forward to making steps toward our goals of moving to Europe and of course, to blogging more!